This definitely falls under my Chaser's World Weird Web series:

Free Beer and Hot Wings talked about this story this morning on their morning show and just in case you missed it here is a brief synopsis, plus the video from KOB-TV in Albuquerque, and the audio from Free Beer and Hot Wings.

Check out KOB-TV's report on what this man says officers did to him against his will.

The synopsis of this story is this: A guy named David Eckert had finished shopping at a Walmart in Deming, New Mexico this past January and coasted through a stop sign in the parking lot on his way out.

Officers pulled him over for running the stop sign and as they were searching his vehicle, a drug dog reacted to a scent on the man's car seat and another officer stated that Eckert looked as if he was clinching his buttocks like he was holding something in his anus.

This prompted the worst traffic stop in history as he was detained for 14 hours and a search warrant was granted for them to search his car and his body for drugs.

During his 14-hour ordeal, he was taken to a hospital and went through two x-rays, two cavity searches, three enemas, and a colonoscopy, during which he was sedated.  All of these procedures were performed against his will.

Nothing was found in any of the searches, but he was forced to defecate in front of officers and watch as they went through his stool during each enema.  He was also exposed to the hallways of the hospital during some of the cavity searches and enemas because an officer failed to pull the privacy curtain closed.

Eckert has now filed a lawsuit against everyone involved including the city, six different cops, the hospital and two doctors. The 29 page lawsuit you can read by clicking here.

Adding insult to injury, the hospital has billed him for all the procedures and is threatening to turn him over to collections if he does not pay.

If you want to hear Free Beer and Hot Wings take on this story click the player below.