Three years ago a woman in London got a package with her address on it but someone else's name and she decided to keep it to see if anyone came looking for it. No one did.

According to the Cambridge News, Katee Dias opened the box after about six months and found a bottle of juice with a label on it saying it was a health drink.

Instead of throwing out, she kept it for another two-and-a-half years and recently showed it to her father, 55-year-old Romano Dias.

Romano decided to drink the 3 year old juice and immediately got sick, but its not because the juice had gone bad, the juice turned out to be $54,000 of liquid crystal meth.

That amount of liquid crystal meth is extremely deadly and he died shortly after.

Police are investigating, but Katee threw out the box that the juice had originally been mailed in, and there is no way of tracking down where it was sent from. So the death is being ruled as accidental at this time.