Talk about abusing the 911 system, and this guy was a cop!!

According to WFTV-TV, Shaun Whiting, a former cop in Ocoee, Florida, met a woman during a call to a grocery store, and they started exchanging e-mails.

Whiting was married with two kids and the woman was married also, but they decided to have an affair.

They decided they wanted to have sex while Whiting was on duty.  So he told her to get a hotel room and call 911 and hang up, that way he would be dispatched to check on it and they could have sex.

The plan actually worked, but as the affair continued they got bolder.

The woman went on a ride along with Whiting where they went to a police substation to have sex.

The woman's husband figured out that his wife was having an affair and called police.  Whiting was busted just recently after an internal affairs investigation.

He is expected to lose his certification within the next few weeks, which will end his career as a police officer in the state of Florida.

Currently there is no word on whether he is still married or not.