The 52-year-old mom could be facing criminal charges and her daughter getting thrown out of school but a huge compliment to the mom is this plan almost worked.

According to The Guardian, the mother in Paris, France dressed up as her daughter to take an exam called the baccalaureat, this exam is required for the student to qualify for college.

Her daughter was apparently not ready for her English composition test.  So the mother put on some skinny jeans, Converse high tops, and a LOT of make-up and went to the exam center to take the test.

The exam center is not located at the high school so the people giving the test had no idea it was the mother and not the daughter showing up for the exam.  The mother passed as her daughter and began taking the test.

The attempt was foiled when the proctor was checking ID cards and recognized the daughter's name since he remembered her when she took the philosophy baccalaureat test a few days before.

Once he saw the mother, he knew it was not her daughter and immediately exposed the mom as a fraud.

Police took the mom in for questioning but it is not clear what charges she or her daughter could be facing.  It is for sure that the mom will be fined and the daughter could be barred from taking the exams for the next few years.