Earlier today I told a story that involved a sure bet that I made and when I came up on the losing end, well my bet has haunted me for a few months now. A listener called in as well and told his sure bet story and his is pretty epic as well.

First, I would like to say that myself and this listener deserve huge props for holding up on our bets because most would end up not coming through.

You have seen the video of me telling Doug about my bet and how I lost and what I had to do to fulfill my end of the bet. Now I am going on record to say that most would have backed out of this bet but I made a bet and I stick with it.

After I told that story a listener called in to talk about a bet he made with his buds and he ended up losing and what he had to do was get a tattoo and I give him huge props for keeping up his end of the bet!