The calendar anomaly happening today is the last we will see for another 89 years.  Starting with 01-01-01 eleven years ago and every 1-year, 1-month, and 1-day later from then till today we have had a trifecta of numbers with the most controversial one being 06-06-06 (or the day of Satan as most called it), that was supposed to be worse than any Friday the 13th.  Looking back it was not a bad day for me personally at all.

This anomaly will not come back till 2101 so unless in the next few decades they find a way to make us live to be over 100 most of us will not see this anomaly happen again.

One co-worker I have said she was going to get 12 chicken nuggets, 12 fries, and a 12 oz drink and celebrate with a chow down at 12:12pm today.  I don't know if she followed through with that plan but at least she celebrated this last day of the calendar trifecta her way.

What did you do to celebrate the calendar trifecta?