Today is a day that is rare in the scheme of the calendar and we will only have 2 more years of it.  Today is a date that most couples planning weddings have chosen as the date they want so they can remember their anniversary easier.  But as you can tell this is not the only time it has happened, it has been occuring since the turn of the new millenium and started with January 2, 2003, or 01-02-03 (or 1-2-3 for the zero haters), and will finish out in 2 years on December 13, 2014 or 12-13-14.  So get your wedding planners out and set up the date now for the next 2 years to plan your wedding on 11-12-13 and 12-13-14.  Only setback is the first date 11-12-13 will fall on a Tuesday but your last chance on 12-13-14 falls on the traditional wedding day of Saturday, if you can wait 2 years and 2 months.

But that is not the only anomaly of the calendar since the millennium began, we have had triple numbers for dates since January 1, 2001 (or 01-01-01), and we will have our last taste of it this December 12th when the date will be 12-12-12.  Enjoy it now cause it will be another 89 years before we have these calendar anomalies returning.